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Aleksеienko Yurii

On "Prediction and Diagnosis foundry and mechanical properties of steel"

In modern enterprises is an urgent need to develop new materials and the choice of the charge materials. Improvement methodology in developing new materials is to create a software package of forecasting and optimizing the chemical composition of the steel foundry matched set and mechanical properties.

The aim is to determine the chemical composition of interdependence, foundry and mechanical properties of steel; development of mathematical models (systems of equations), regression, optimization, simulation (algorithmic) models and corresponding software for modeling, forecasting, optimization and diagnostics of casting and mechanical properties hromoalyuminiyevyh steels determining the chemical composition of steel for the desired properties.

Object of study: the interdependence of chemical, foundry and mechanical properties of steels.

Subject of research: modeling, forecasting, optimization and diagnosis of chemical composition and mechanical properties of casting hromoalyuminiyevyh resistant steels.

Working methods: regression analysis, modeling, system analysis, computer science, optimization, programming.

Methods and Methods: algorithmic methods, regression analysis, programming.

The novelty of the results: obtaining regression, mathematics, optimization, simulation models predict the properties of the steel chemical composition and determine chemical composition for the desired properties.

Results of the study can be used in research laboratories and foundry businesses.


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