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Hubenko Stanislav

"The technological process of manufacturing castings" coupling halves "and the organization of work Mixture-processing department of the foundry."

Diploma project: 82 pages, 19 tables, 6 drawings, 5 applications.

Facility design developed technological process of manufacturing steel castings "Сoupling half" mass die 8,45 kh single volume of sand and clay forms.

Subject design mold technology, organization forming and separation tank foundry; develop and study effective ways of making mixture alloys.

The results of the design developed mold technology, technical planning mixture compartment.

The results of the design can be recommended for implementation in the production of small (100 kg) steel castings medium difficulty in terms of serial or mass production.

In the thesis project also conducted basic calculations organizational and economic factors and the attention paid to environmental protection and the improvement of sanitary conditions of the workplace through the use of recent advances in the field of labor.



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