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Petrenko Vladislav

The theme of the project is the technological process of manufacturing castings "body" weight of 0.07 kg of plastic injection molding department and organization.

During the design was developed technological process of manufacturing castings "body" of the plastic-based brand polycarbonate Lexan 123R, designed compartment plastic injection molding and calculated node locking force injection molding machines.

Basic drawing is taken from the company "Plastic FCS", which was passed under pre practices.

Developed following drawings:

- Plan compartment injection molding;

- Parts of the gate system;

- Detail the technology;

- Mold;

- Injection molding machine;

- Technical and economic indicators.

In the thesis project are organizational and economic calculations and actions on health and the environment.

The results of the design can be recommended for implementation in the production of small castings from plastic medium or high complexity in terms of mass production.


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