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Furdyk Kateryna

Development of technology for foam aluminum castings from

Master's thesis–105p., 31 fig., 15 tables, 26 literary sources, 2 applications

Purpose– investigate the effect of temperature and time decomposition frothing agent on porosity casting alloys of Al-Fe.

The object –is a manufacturing technology of porous aluminum alloy castings.

Subject of research–the influence of time and temperature decomposition frothing agent for porous castings.

Research methodology–analysis diagrams with a wide interval of the solid-liquid state; investigate the effect of temperature and time decomposition Frothing agent on casting porosity;explore the thermodynamic processes of interaction with components Frothing agent alloy; make a single plaster molds for casting; explore macrostructure porous castings obtained at temperatures foaming.

The results–The results of thermodynamic analysis of possible reactions and results obtaining aluminum foam system Al-Fe-CaCO3 are the results of thermogravimetry decomposition of CaCO3, the optimum temperature mixing Frothing agent and foaming melt are averages porosity of casts at molding in a single plaster form, depending on temperature and time

Area of use– Getting porous castings that are used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft, etc.

ALUMINUM FOAM, FROTHING AGENT, CALCIUM CARBONATE, porosity, temperature foaming, temperature, mixing, thermogravimetric analysis


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