Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

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Themes of diploma projects (works) Foundry production 2018

Themes of graduation projects (works) of bachelors 6.050402 Foundry production 2018

№ п/п П.І.Б. студента Тема роботи
1 Багі Йожеф Розроблення технології виливка «Поршень ВД» та організація роботи плавильного відділення ливарного цеху
5 Derkach Daniil

Inorganic binder component and core compound based on it

6 Ivhzych Denys Silica-gypsum mixture for accurate casting
7 Kyvgilo Bogdan
Technology of making steel casting on molded models, planning and organization of work of the melting department of the foundry shop
8 Martunenko Ivan Improvement of technological properties of the mixture for making foundry cores
11 Nikitin Valery Computer simulation of synthesis of rheological models

Pavlyk Vladislav

Technological process of casting "Proushin" and organization of work of melting department of foundry shop


Pankonin Konstantin

Development of the technological process of making steel casting, planning and organizing the work of the molding-assembly-flood-buckling department of the foundry shop


Skyba Anton

Influence of technological parameters on cast iron casting by the method of centrifugal molding

Yudzhya Yuliya

Analysis of rheological curves using a genetic algorithm


Themes of master's theses 136-Metallurgy 2018

№ п/п П.І.Б. студента Тема роботи

Bulyha Dmytro

Analysis and methods for correcting the lack of jewelry castings

2 Demydenko Dmytro Formation of the structure of casting at the physical impact on the melt
3 Zavertaylo Nikolay Development of technology for manufacturing wear-resistant castings by the method of surface doping
4 Ivashchenko Vasyl Optimization of the composition of the core mixture based on quartz sand and scraped perlite for combined foam polystyrene models
5 Nechiporenko Ivan Optimization of the technological process of obtaining pistons from the AK12M2MgN alloy
6 Polinо Vyacheslav

Modification of iron-carbon melts with nanodispersed powder materials

7 Skyrdenko Mariia

Core mixes with inorganic binder components and methods for accelerating their hardening

8 Skrypnyk Anastasiia Development of technology for the production of heat-resistant castings with differentiated surface properties
9 Smirnova Yana Obtaining of titanium-aluminum composite by liquid-phase method
10 Ivashyna Mykhailo Technology of production, structure and operational properties of economically reinforced cast aluminum matrix composites

Themes of diploma projects (works) of specialists 136-Metallurgy 2018

№ п/п П.І.Б. студента Тема роботи
1 Алексеєнко Юрій Олексійович  
2 Begichev Ilya Foundry complex of machine-tool enterprise for casting products from various alloys
3 Boyko Dmytro Foundry complex of private enterprise" Livarniy dvir "with the development of technologies of casting
4 Holinei Mykhailo Foundry workshop of artistic casting with the development of technology for the manufacture of products from various alloys
5 Гордійчук Зінаїда Олександрівна  
6 Губенко Станіслав Ігорович  
7 Korytny Bogdan Art shop with the development of casting technologies
8 Korchak Artur Foundry complex of carriage carriage with the development of technology for manufacturing steel castings
9 Kucherenko Pavel Der Komplex des Stahlgusses der Autowerkstatt und der Technologie der Herstellung der Gussteile aus Eisen-Kohlenstoff-Stahl
10 Muradov Yevhenii Jewelry-souvenir foundry production with develope casting technology
11 Оніщук Аліна Іванівна  
12 Paska Alexander Development of research vibropriladu and methods for determining the transfer functions for sealing the molding mixture
13 Petrenko Vladislav Casting complex of industrial and artistic casting and casting technology
14 Psialyha Tetiana Development of synthesis of filamentary crystals Al2O3and obtaining composite materials of the system Al-whiskers
15 Feschuk Alexander Shop of artistic casting with the development of technologies for the manufacture of products from various alloys
16 Yashan Oleksii The shop of artistic casting with the development of technologies for making products of different masses and complexity

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