Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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13. За всякое порученное дело должен отвечать один человек. (Бисмарк)

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Departament of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

Tit Lukreziy Car

"Before served as a weapon: hands are mighty, claws,

teeth, stone, wreckages of branches from trees and flame…

After that a copper was found…

Flame of heats, what reasons no of him was from,

devoured the wildernesses of forests with a horrific crack and noise

up to deep roots. And a fire burned out soil.

Gold and silver began to flow  by a stream abundant

everywhere from the tendons of burning hot Earths, and flow down

in deepenings,

the same as copper and lead. And when metals hardened

and on Earth began to sparkle afterwards by a color brilliant,

people captivated by brilliance and charm, they were levitated

and noticed here, that bars were always saved

form looking like deepening locking them…

It was opened then, that to the metals molten by a heat,

can given to be figure and form, what pleasing."

Departament of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals


One of the leading faculties of the KPI is Engineering-and-Physics Faculty where the personnel of the Foundry Production of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and Alloys Chair works actively and creatively. The training of foundry engineers at the KPI started in 1910 with the organization of the General Metals Technology Chair headed by professor M.A. Voropayev. In 1912-1922 the Head of the Chair was professor E.P.Babich and in 1922-1925 professor K.C.Kalinenko. Up to 1925 foundry students of the department work on their degree thesis and graduate from the Mechanics and Chemistry Faculties. In 1925 the General Metals Technology Chair was divided into two chairs Metal Casting headed till 1930 by E.P.Babich and Metallography and Heat Treatment of Metals headed by K.C.Kalinenko. Therefrom dates the discipline Ferrous and Nonferrous Metal Foundry at the KPI. In 1930-1941 the Chair of Metal Casting was headed by professor E.P.Babich. At that time famous scientists were working at the Chair: S.S.Nekrity, P.V.Pines, A.F.Chizhsky, P.G.Berezin, V.E.Vasilyev. In 1934 the Chair of Metal Science was separated from the Chair of Metal Casting. During the Great Patriotic War the Chair moved to Tashkent where it was headed by assistant professor P.G.Berezin. Great contribution to the development of the chair was made by Honored Scientist and Engineer of the Ukraine, Dr Eng., Prof. Konstantin Illyich Vashchenko, (1901-1992), known all over the world as a specialist in the field of high-strength iron. He worked at the chair in 1930-1992, and for 30 years (1944-1974) was the head of it. Prof. K.I.Vashchenko laid the basis of scientific and laboratory foundation of the chair. He created the school of lecturers – scientists-foundrymen, many of whom are still working at the faculty (S.P.Doroschenko, D.F.Chernega, O.M.Byalik, A.P.Syomik, V.F.Loskutov, A.P.Makarevich, V.P.Avdokuschin, V.A.Lyutiy, V.A.Gnatusch, G.I.Koschovnik, V.N.Drobyazko, G.E.Fedorov, V.V.Zatsarniy, V.A.Kosyachkov). In 1960 the chair got back the building of workshops where for 30 years the foundry had been situated. Personnel and students of the Chair restored the building and equipped it with necessary casting machines and devices. From 1991 this is the scientific-research laboratory of the chair. The chiefs of the laboratory A.P.Makarevich, L.M.Syroporschnyev, P.A.Zynkovich, V.C.Pikovskiy,V.A.Gnatusch A.V.Alenkevich, V.P.Kuschtalov, made a great contribution to the development of educational-scientific-laboratory base of the chair. In 1974-1991 the head of the Chair was professor S.P.Doroschenko and from 1991 till 2000 – professor A.P.Syomik. In 1977 the Chair of Physicochemical Fundamentals of Metals Technology was separated from the Chair of Foundry Production of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and Alloys. Since 2000 the head of the chair has been professor·

O.P.Makarevich. From the moment it was organized to the present time the Chair has made great progress. At present the Chair trains bachelors, specialists and masters in the speciality: “Ferrous and nonferrous metals foundry”, specializations:

• “Technology of stomatological and orthopedic artificial limbs casting”,

• “Art and jewelry casting”,

• “Materials science in foundry”.

Necessary laboratory facilities for the training process and research work have been created. There are laboratories of molding material, of moulds technology, of iron, steel and nonferrous casting, of foundry automation, and other laboratories with necessary equipment to enable students to carry out all the basic foundry operations - from sand preparation to casting production. For improving the training of students in the field of design work, a library was established containing technical and reference literature and books on casting production standards. There is a classroom for preparation of the term and graduation design. A considerable work has been done on the preparation and publishing of educational-methodical manuals for students, more than 80 such aids were published from 1973 to 1975. They are much in demand in other institutions of higher education in our country and abroad too. For the first time educational-methodical manuals on standardization in the casting production and cast parts design was published. Practical training of students is carried out at modern shops of such enterprises as the Sumy Tsentrolit Foundry, Melitopol Avtotsvetlit Foundry and others. Until recently the practical training was also carried out at the VAZ and KamAZ Automobile Plants’ Foundries. The Chair supervises the practical work of its graduates and maintains long-time ties with them. The institutes of the Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences and branch research institutes are involved in the training of foundry engineers. For that purpose two Chair branches have been created: at the Physics and Technology Institute of Metals and Alloys (the branch's head is professor G.P.Borisov, Corresponding Member of the Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences), and at the Joint Stock Company “KAMET” (senior lecturer V.A.Anderson). The quality of specialist training improves due to the wide use of the institutes’ laboratory facilities and rich-in-content lectures delivered by leading scientists, professors, corresponding members of the Ukraine's National Academy of Sciences: Y.Z.Babaskin, S.S.Zatulovsky, V.S.Shumikhin, M.V.Voloshchenko and others. For popularizing of this, one the most interesting, profession the Chair's workers have prepared and published brochures “About Foundrymen”, “About the Art of Casting and Foundrymen”, “Introduction into the Profession” Basic scientific researches are being constantly conducted at the chair.

Over the last years the main directions of scientific researches include:

• technologies for making molds and cores from different sands;

• making molds and cores from cold-hardening sands with different binders;

• castings production by the method of electroslag casting in expendable molds;

• production of nodular iron castings;

• recyclable molding sands instead of molding refractories to form a runner in bottom pouring of steel;

• methods for producing castings with a good casting finish;

• CAD/CAM systems in the casting production;

• production of ferrous and nonferrous castings by expended pattern casting;

• economically alloyed high-temperature and wear-resistant alloys, and others.

Over the last 40 years the Chair’s workers have published more than 1,000 scientific works including more than 50 monographs and brochures, more than 100 author’s certificates have been obtained. The monograph by K.I.Vashchenko and L.Sofroni "Magnesium Iron" having run into two editions (in 1957 and 1960) was translated into German, Romanian, English and Chinese, published in a number of foreign countries. The monograph "Production of Sand Mold Castings without Metal Penetration Defects" (S.P. Doroshenko, V.N. Drobyazko and K.I. Vashchenko) was translated and published in Japan (in 1980) and China (in 1987). Together with the Metal Casting Chair of the Technical University in Brno (Czechoslovakia) the monograph "Molding Materials and Sands" was prepared and published in 1991 in Prague (in Czech) and in Kiev (in Russian). Scientific researches are being conducted in the fields: moulding and core mixtures which are being strengthened in contact with rigging, coatings of uprated heat-resistance for prevention of the burnt-on, casting production of cast iron with sphere-shape graphite, heatproof and wear-resistant alloys, the technology of casting production by the gasified models. The students actively participate in the Chair's research work. Annually 5-6 students’ researchworks are presented for competitions. More than 10 students’ research works were awarded with certificates at All-Union and Ukrainian competitions. Taking part in the Olympiads for foundrymen from Ukraine and CIS since 1982, our students repeatedly won. The Chair renders a great assistance to foreign countries in the training of scientific personnel. The candidates of sciences were trained: L. Sofroni (now professor in Bucharest), O. Todorov (professor in Gabrovo), K. Kosnianu (Head of the Foundry Department of the Research Institute of Heat Treatment of Metals in Bucharest), G. Leube (chief specialist of a company in Mannheim, Germany), M.Salsines (Assistant Principal of a University, Cuba), A. Gonsales (Head of Chair at the Central University of Cuba), V. Dosev (Deputy General Director of a Foundry in Loznitsa, Bulgaria), G. Khubenov (Head of Laboratory of the Foundry Institute, Bulgaria), Fam Ngok Chuk (senior lecturer of the Hanoi Polytechnic Institute). The Chair of Foundry Production of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and Alloys has all necessary facilities to train good specialists. Practical classes, practices and works on degree research are taking place in up-to-date laboratories of Physical Engineering Faculty,·scientific-research laboratories of the scientific Institutes of the NAS of Ukraine and at leading metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. The Chair has trained more than 2,300 specialists in the speciality Ferrous and nonferrous metals foundry. Among the graduates of the Department 11 Doctors and 120 Candidates of Engineering Science. The Chair's graduates include many scientists well-known in Ukraine and abroad: Corresponding Members of the Ukraine's NAS G.P.Borisov, L.A. Poznyak, Drs of Engineering, professors: N.I.Grechanyuk, A.M.Petrichenko, V.F.Sumtsov, O.I.Shinsky, S.S.Zatulovsky, A.S.Lakeyev, A.D.Ozersky, V.K.Larin, A.K.Zapolsky, O.M.Byalik, A.A.Getman, F.M.Kotlyarsky, V.P.Gavrilov, Y.I.Moiseyev. Many graduates of the Chair became laureates of State Prizes of the former USSR and Ukraine: A.Y.Marchenko, I.R.Yavdoshin, A.I.Shevchenko, V.K.Pogorsky, G.K. Golubchik, B.A. Khlebnikov, and others. A number of graduates were given the Ukraine's other honorary titles: V.S. Yevdoshchuk and V.K. Rozhko - Honored Machine Builders of Ukraine, V.Y. Yakovchuk - Honored Technologist of Ukraine, O.M. Byalik

 - Honored Educator, and others. High professional training of engineer-foundryman allows the graduates of the

Chair to successfully work at many other chairs. So professor O.M.Byalik is the head of the Chair of Metal Science, Equipment and Technology of Thermal Treatment of Metals in KPI, professor A.D.Ozersky is the head of Chair of Constructional Materials in St.Petersburg Naval Academy, assistant professor V.I.Krivda and senior lecturer V.I.Yeltyschev are working at the Chair of Economy and Organization of Machine-building Enterprises, assistant professors V.V.Zatsarny and D.F.Ivanchuk worked at the Chair of Labor Protection in KPI. The Chair of Foundry Production of Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals and Alloys of the Ukraine's National Technical University was and remains the leading one among the similar institutions in Ukraine and the former USSR.

Collective of department complete forces and energy for subsequent creative pedagogical and scientific activity from preparation of skilled young specialists able in the nearest future to work out thorny problems of casting production of Ukraine.


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