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Savings development resource technologies of high quality iron castings with a given structure and properties

A developed and explored promising new processes of manufacturing castings using the method vnutryshnoformovoho modification. These include:

  • technology of the original liquid iron doevtektychnyy or eutectic composition in the mold hrafitizuvalnymy, karbidostabilizuvalnymy sferoyidyzuvalnymy or additives in casting a single sand molds and castings that gasification;
  • double vnutryshnoformovoyi processing molten iron in the mold;
  • method of casting with different structures and properties in the general mold of a single source melt;
  • technology manufacturing double-sided, dual-layer and multilayer castings with differentiated structure and properties in some areas (parts) of a base melt at filling a single mold and in centrifugal casting.

The developed technology can save alloying additives increase the efficiency and stability of obtaining castings with a given structure and characteristics eliminates the need to install additional equipment in the shop, easier and cheaper process for casting, and improve working conditions in the shop.
The proposed processes are protected by patents and Ukraine may be prospective for high quality iron products in wide range of different production conditions.

Production of molds for the manufacture of clothing, ammunition, personal protection serviceman (such as Kevlar helmets, body armor, etc.) and small arms.

Resursozberihalni castings production technology with differentiated structure and properties

Methods vnutrishnoformovoyi melt processing.

Methods for manufacturing two-layer castings.


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