Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

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110. Прав не тот, кто прав, а тот, у кого больше прав.

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Optimization of lean alloying

The main stages of steel production. Prospects for steel production. Classification of steel. Main reactions and processes of steel production. Steelmaking slag. Charge materials. Technology melting. Technical and economic indicators
The influence of alloying elements on the properties of steels and alloys. Requirements for alloying materials. Doping steel furnace and ladle. Modern methods of doping. The theoretical basis of hard alloys dissolve in the liquid steel. The cost of heat for doping.
Structure and properties of liquid steel. Hydrodynamic processes in steel ladles. Crystallization and formation of crystalline structure, shrinkage phenomena and their consequences. The magnitude of shrinkage. Shrinkage cavities and shrinkage cavities in casting. Ways to reduce the depth of piping.


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