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Seminar "Innovative Entrepreneurship"

Dear colleagues !

With the support of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine 24 March 2016 at NTU "KPI" held a seminar on "Innovative Entrepreneurship".

The event was conducted by trainers Agency of International Cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of Israel (MASHAV) and the International Training Centre "Carmel" them. Golda Meir (mhfs), Mrs. Rudenko and Natalia Mazor.

Venue of the event: Hall of meetings of the Governing Council, building №6.
Time of the event: from 14:30 to 15:50.

To participate in the workshop invited teachers and students.

The program of the event:
- Presentation of MASHAV (Agency of International Cooperation of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and mhfs (International training center "Caramel" them. Golda Meir)
- Short lecture (training) with networking (for those who have or plan to have your own business);
- Review of MASHAV programs and mhfs of business development.

Open Doors Day

Dear students and parents!

We invite you and your friends at the Open Doors Day hold by the depertment of foundry of NTUU "KPI"!

  February 20, 2016 (Saturday) in room 203. 9 corps
from 10:00 to 13:00

An excursion to the unique museum of the department and modern laboratories, acquaintance with some achievements of the department  are provided.

Come and bring your friends!
We will be glad to see you and answer all questions you are interested to ask about our department.

Details by phone: + 38-050-546-06-83; + 38-097-290-86-16

See you in "KPI"

Startup School conducts competitive selection of students for the course "Practice of starting a startup"

Start date:
The first group - from March 1 to May 17, 2016

The second group - from 2 March to 18 May 2016

What will happen this time?
• Stress test - to test the hypothesis of business ideas to potential customers
• Monetization - to develop and form the financial business model
• Vision - A vision of us form business prototype product (service)
• Keynote - A presentation and protection of start-ups in front of investors, business angels, representatives of venture capital funds.

Read more on the website Sikorskychallenge

Study in Harbin Polytechnic University

Dear colleagues!

Harbin Polytechnic University invites to students and graduates of the partner universities in China. Within the Chinese state program Harbin Polytechnic University invites to his training program of Master of learning Chinese. The list of specialties and details about the program can be found on our website

Fulbright scholarship for young teachers and researchers FULBRIGHT FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM

Dear colleagues!

Continues accepting applications for the annual competition for Fulbright scholarship for young teachers and researchers FULBRIGHT FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

Field of specialization: humanities, social, exact, technical and natural sciences.

Fulbright Faculty Development Program : Research in the United States from six to nine months. The competition is open to persons under 40 years with two years of professional experience:

  • teachers;
  • graduate students and researchers who do not have a scientific degree;
  • PhD (within 5 years after the defense);
  • administrators universities;
  • staff of research institutions;
  • journalists;
  • experts from the library, museum and archives;
  • experts in the field of culture;
  • employees of public organizations (NGOs).

Deadline for applications - November 1, 2015


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