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Fesenko A.N., Fesenko M.A., Kosyachkov VA, Fesenko E.V.

1Fesenko A.N., 2Fesenko M.A., 2Kosyachkov VA, 2Fesenko E.V. A METHOD FOR BILAYER AND DOUBLE-SIDED IRON CASTINGS Х Международная конференция «Стратнегия качества в промышленности и образовании» 6-13 июня 2014,  (Варна, Болгария) (1Donbass State Engineering Academy, Kramatorsk, Ukraine;2National Technical University Of Ukraine “KPI”, Kyiv, Ukraine)


In this work confirms the possibility of implementation of the proposed method of cast iron structure and properties differentiation in local parts or layers of parts by using in-mold inoculation technology of the initial smelt melted in single melting furnace.
The results of numerous laboratory studies indicate the prospects of applying the proposed method at industrial enterprises for manufacturing parts, operating under unstressed-abrasive or impact-abrasive wear instead of steel castings, e.g. steels C120G13 (X120Mn12), or other high-alloy steels, as well as special alloyed cast irons.
The proposed method allows to considerably simplify the process of producing castings with differentiated properties, to reduce the consumption of scarce and expensive alloying elements, as well as to reduce the cost of casting; also it does not require installation of additional equipment in a foundry shop.


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