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Olexiy A. Tchaykovsky

Olexiy A. Tchaykovsky Influence of Technological Factors on the Kinetics of Melting Ferrochrome in Thermite Mixtures


The use of castings with differentiated features to significantly reduce operating costs, but their production is always fraught with difficulties. Direct use of in-mold process for alloying iron refractory ferroalloys is not possible because of their low dissolution. To intensify proposed to use iron aluminum thermite. The paper established the main factors influencing the melting ferrochrome in the thermite reaction. Investigated two factions 1..3 and ferrochrome 3..5 mm. Diameter cylindrical slot ferrochrome was 5, 10, 15, 20 mm. The influence of the ferrochrome fraction and contact area ratio on the speed of thermite reaction front moving were established. The conditions and characteristics of ferrochrome-termite system, which is achieved complete melting of ferrochrome were investigated.

Keywords: ductile, cast, iron, spherical, graphite, modification, re-melting, residual, magnesium, contentductile, cast, iron, induction, re-melting


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