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160. Выход из безвыходного положения там же, где и вход. (В.Л.Леви)

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Dear colleagues!

         We invite you to take part in the work of VI-th International scientific and technical conference «New materials and technologies in machinebuilding-2014», which will take place on Мау, 29-30, 2014
        Working languages of conference are Ukrainian, Russian and English.


         Scientists and specialists whose activity is related to the subject of the conference are invited to take part in a scientific and technical conference.
        At the end of the conference an electronic collection of materials will be created and you will be able to find it on the site of the conference
        Number of coauthors of one article, and also the number of articles introduced by one author  is not limited.


  • Modern technologies of production of foundings from cast-iron, steel and coloured metals.
  • New materials for making forms and bars.
  • Antipenetration coverages.
  • New materials and technologies in different fields of industry.
  • Technologies to increase of durability of details and instruments.
  • Automation and mechanization of production processes of casting production.
  • Management and economy in casting production.
  • Mathematical, physical, imitation design, information and computer technologies in casting production.
  • Modern and perspective methods of control of quality of casting products.
  • Perspective technologists of improvement of quality of casting by alloying, microalloying, modification and external influence on liquid metal.
  • Methods of ladle treatment of liquid metal.
  • Ecological problems of casting production.
  • Preparation, retraining and advanced training of staff for casting and contiguous industries.

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