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1. The purpose of practice

The purpose of practice is to reinforce the university theoretical knowledge, studying the experience of enterprises, production skills and mastery of advanced methods of work in the specialty. During production practice, students also gain experience social, organizational and educational work in a team. The goal is achieved by solving specific problems for each type of practice.

2. Place the practice and the dates

Practical training is conducted in engineering, in research and design institutes, which occupy a leading position in their industries and achieve the goal of practice.

In the curriculum for bachelors practices include:

- Practical 3 course duration of 3 weeks;
- Pre-diploma practice 4th year duration of 3 weeks.

In curriculum and masters provides:

- Diploma practice on courses lasting 6 to 8 weeks
- Scientific and pedagogical practice for 6 courses lasting 4 weeks.

3. Workplace student

During manufacturing practice students work in shops and departments of enterprises and institutions and carry out all the work envisaged program practice under the direct supervision of the Head of the company and from the university. The choice is conditioned shop or department objectives specific type of practice.
The duration of each workplace practices defined work program, which is based on real business opportunities. Duration of student work in the same workplace should be sufficient for deeper study of manufacturing operations and skills of independent work.
Moving students from one workplace to another should aim to better the program practices and expanding technical horizons of students. In every workplace, students must learn practical techniques of safe work place health and safety briefing with mandatory documentation.

4. Contents of practice

The complex issues of content production practices, is to study production technology, equipment, computers, tools and test equipment, business economics, standardization and patentovedennya, organization of research and design work. During practice, students learn organization, planning and management, mechanization and automation, production and reserves increased productivity, innovative and inventive activity.
Contents of practice also covers scientific organization of labor, industrial aesthetics, safety and the environment.

5. Individual task

The individual job is an important part of a student during practice. Work on the task of developing individual autonomy in solving specific problems, expanding technical horizons, allows students to put into practice the knowledge gained at the institute.
Individual task is to further study and / or research a particular issue.

In enterprises where students take practice gathered important documents and a technical report, process, standards, patents and so on. This documentation is necessary for students to practice reporting, as well as work on the course and diploma projects. In most cases, this kind of information available at the library and at the end of practice access to it becomes impossible. Head of the undertaking and the University enable students to work with the necessary materials.

6. Industrial tour

Production tours during practice with the aim to familiarize students with the adjacent shops and departments of the enterprise as a whole, its technology, products and so on.
During practice could also be excursions to neighboring businesses that are of interest to students of specialty.

7. Occupational safety

Study and faithful implementation of safety rules is one of the main responsibilities of the student during practice.
The general instruction on health carried out in the company before the start of practice. If the conditions of practice studet will work on several jobs, then each time before starting work at a new job, he must undergo additional training on appropriate documentation.
If necessary, the company carries out teaching students techniques and methods of safe work.

8. Report requirements from practice

Contents of the report of the practice should be individualized. The report should reflect the following issues: general harakterytstyka enterprise; production technology; description of products; description of jobs where working student; tools and accessories; individual task and the results of its implementation.

9. The order of standings

Differentiated test of practice is the last working day of practice, or the first days of the fall semester. Test conducted by the commission appointed Chair. The commission consists of the Head of Department responsible for practice at the department and one of the teachers.

At the test the student presents:
- Report from practice, signed by the practices of the company;
- Diary, certified by the appropriate signatures and seal.

In addition, the test of practice pereddymlomnoyi student presents collected materials according to final bachelor degree work or project.
During the standings student answers questions related to the content of practice, excursions, individual tasks.
In evaluating the results of practice takes into account the student's participation in the implementation of production tasks, labor discipline, the individual tasks, answer questions the committee members on the program of practice.

Estimates put the system on a four and captured along with test scores in the calculation of scholarships and others.

A student who has not fulfilled the program of practices received poor feedback on work during practice or a failing grade in the standings, or ceasing to practice illegally deducted from the university.


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