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Kharchenko Yevhen

Improving Wear Resistance of White Cast Irons for Dredge Pumps Casting Parts

Master’sThesis: 93pp., 32 figures, 24 tables, 27 sources.

StudySubject: dopingprocesses, microalloying, iron-basedinoculationandoperating their properties.

Work Objective: the research of doping and inoculation processes’ impact on the structure and properties of hardwearing white iron for producing molded pieces of dredging pumps.

Research Methods: there have been used modern methods of identifying alloy structures, founding, mechanic, and specific properties in this work.

Master’s Thesis Outcomes: there have been developed identification methods of iron-based alloy enduring quality which provides high precision and test validity.   Chrome-manganese cast-iron with optimal correlation of chrome and manganese is recommended for producing molded pieces of dredging pumps. To provide high enduring quality and durable running of dredging pumps, it is beneficial to additionally micro-alloy chrome-manganese cast-iron with titanium, vanadium, stibium and to inoculate with boracium and rare-earth metals.

Implementation Degree: recommended cast-irons have been tested in founding laboratory of industrial strength.

Application Areas: heat-power engineering, mechanic engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry and others.

Economic Efficiency: design coefficient of the research economic effectiveness (Е = 0,39%) proves viability of completing given Master’s thesis.

Anticipated hypotheses: Cast-iron, recommended for application in this Master’s theses, can be introduced into production.



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