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Diadiura Andrii

Master’s thesis: 88 p., 18 fig., 7 tab., 56 references.
Object of study – structure formation process and change the properties of the alloy AK5M2 treated in liquid state pulsed electric current
Subject of study – patterns of phase changes during curing, the formation of the microstructure and mechanical properties of the alloy AK5M2 depending on the parameters impact on the melt pulsed electric current.
The aim of the work – investigation of the effect of liquid-phase melt processing by pulsed electric current of different density and frequency on the change in the mechanical properties of the AK5M2 alloy.
Research methods – applied research methods metallographic microanalysis, X-ray diffraction studies and physical and mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength , the linear elongation).
Research results – the optimal mode of liquid phase treatment is set by an electric current.
After processing the melt with a pulsed electric current, the amount of α-phase increases up to 5.6%, which leads to an increase in mechanical properties compared to the initial ones: a temporary tensile strength of 50%, a stiffness of 15%, the relative elongation of 3.6 times.
The solidification process, after the melt treatment by current, is carried out on a metastable diagram of the noequilibrium state, the iron-containing phases that are formed are characterized by the stability of the structure and morphology.
The degree of implementation – samples of the proposed AK5M2 alloy passed laboratory tests.
Areas of application – manufacture of products from industrial AK5M2 alloy made from recycled materials with enhanced mechanical properties.
Forecasting assumptions – obtaining products from the alloy AK5M2, after liquid-phase current processing; the use of technology to improve the mechanical properties of high-strength aluminum alloys



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