Department of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals

National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

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Students life
Students tour the plant Chervona zirka Elvorti

From trips to small enterprises, most regional cities did not expect anything pleasant. Moreover, the exhausting road has left almost no one in power and enthusiasm. But everything changed after the first few minutes of arrival at the first holding company "Hydrosila." Young, creative guides showed promising enterprise, equipped with the latest facilities and equipment that are not only cooperates with the CIS countries, but also to enter the markets of Europe. Enterprise clean and well maintained, everywhere machines, lines and equipment. But the biggest impression made on foundry molding machine, all students how it works seen only in the pages of books and on posters during the lectures. Also struck chill casting and general cleanliness, supported at all stages of production (photos). Tired, but impressed we went to the next plant holding "Red Star", which met for its hospitality and delicious dinner. Well-targeted program of inspection and subsequent tour with one of the company leaders, he held under floodlights local TV tour demonstrating agricultural machinery, production of this plant. Seeing and hearing about the diversity of production plant went on all areas of the plant. Old foundry upset its greyness and disadvantaged views. In the coming months Kirovograd be the official start of two new production at the plant "Red Star", which are looking for qualified personnel. Last Friday the company visited Dean, leading teachers and about six dozen senior students of the Faculty of Engineering Physics NTU "KPI" steadily holds leading positions in the ratings of Ukrainian universities in recent years.

Upcoming casters, smelters, termisty visited with a guided tour including a new foundry "Metalit", the official launch is scheduled for late April. For professionals the opportunity unique, modern Danish equipment, can provide a complete production cycle of high iron castings in volumes to 8000 tons, has no analogues in Ukraine.
The new foundry same (not yet commissioned) impressed with its cumbersome and future prospects. Impressed by enterprises and tired we held a conference with the leadership of the plant. Inspired by the opening speech of the dean of students rushed a dozen questions. After we went to the capital with a mass of impressions and perspectives, and most of confident look on the bright future of the foundry.


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