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2. Все мы мечтаем о каком-то волшебном саде роз, который находится за горизонтом, вместо того, чтобы наслаждаться розами, что цветут прямо под нашим окном. (Д. Карнеги)

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Faustov M

Development of non-stick coating compositions for steel castings produced by gasifying models.

In the thesis, non-stick coatings on a refractory basis of zircon, distensillimanite with the addition of perlite, a binding component of the resin SFZh 309 and an aqueous solution of sodium carboxylmethylcellulose as a stabilizer for steel casting on gasifying models have been developed and presented.

The methods of research, in particular, the determination of the technological properties of refractory coatings, are substantiated. The influence of the investigated refractory components on the properties of the coatings is determined: gas permeability, gas production, sedimentation resistance, viscosity, density, rate of curing of the layer.

The influence of the developed coatings on the smelting and surface defects is investigated. The main regularities of the effect of non-stick coatings on the quality of steel castings are determined. It has been established that the most suitable non-stick coatings for steel castings are compositions based on zircon concentrate with the addition of perlite and distensillimanite with perlite.

Key words: non-stick coating, gasification model, gas permeability, gas production, sedimentation resistance, zircon concentrate, distensillimanite, perlite, pyrophyllite, and burn


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